Timothy Firth is a multi media artist currently living in Seattle, Washington. He works as the founding director of Common AREA, a gallery and open formatted Art Studio, which is host to over 16 independent artists. Recently, his work has taken on a conversation that displays a deep interest in deconstructing personal perceptions of social structures. In this realm, his creations and installations have largely focused on people within his immediate world and the ways in which they are thought or expected to exist within society, based on their perceived/forced identities. Often his work moves to examine how people engage these identities within more intimate aspects of their relationships and lives, asking the observer to participate in shaping the installation or sculpture. Currently, Firth is utilizing stop motion animation and kinetic sculpture in an attempt to thoroughly understand the relationship between what an object or idea appears to be, and the properties of its inner function. By opening up and examining sewing machines, typewriters, projectors and even the basic alarm clock, all simple banalized machines that surround us, he looks to find the connections between who we are and who we think we are. Firth works to examine how the history of an object can be paralleled with the evolution of an idea or belief as well as the path that leads to its extinction.